Can you guess the word described in these poems? (Comment your answer. Don’t look!?)

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash


Let us feast on a fine table one night,

Take a stroll, take in the sights.

From the rest of the world let us retreat,

Get to know one another bit by bit.

Through casual conversations and warm coffee,

Let characters unfurl and our souls be free


I mark the time, the day, the moment,

Of babies born, wars won and deeds done.

I note the Hellos and the Goodbyes,

I follow the living ’til they die.

I follow the days, the months, the years,

Though tomorrow rolls, I’m always here.


I live in the lands of Arabia,

A product of Middle Earth.

A sweet palm harvest,

A wrinkled blessing from the dirt.



The Fumbling Generalist

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